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minimum / average / maximumReception9 / 9 / 9Cleanness5 / 5 / 5Security9 / 9 / 9
Nature9 / 9 / 9Activities3 / 3 / 3Services5 / 5 / 5Accommodation4 / 4 / 4

m. - 56 years old - family - Netherlands
 Stay : August 2007 - 3 days - added 05.03.2009
 Strengths : The small river that fills a semi natural basin on the lower part of the campsite with clear cool water from the mountains...!
Where one can swim and if standing still can see little fishes swimming around, so clean is the water.
The landscape and beautiful mountains around, breathtaking !
The hospitality of the local people is legendary, just try and dare to speak a few words of Portuguese to people and they will get off their way to help you.
Locations as the top of the mountain where you can see for kilometers far and in a clear day a bit of the sea (I've been told, I was late there that day...).
The village of Ermelo with houses dating 1600 and 1700, built of and on rock.
Try the local small restaurants in town. At the campsite bar, ask for some of the homemade Bagaco or aguardente, just be careful with the amount.
The many waterfalls in the area. A unique area that should be seen !

 Weakness : The campsite in itself has no special facilities, no bungalows and (do not take a caravan there) the entrance to the campsite is very steep (the campsite is on the side of the mountain). A camper with a good engine is advisable or better, take a car and tents.
The toilets need to be renewed to the 21st century standard but reasonably clean (often cleaned).
The bar/snack/shop of the campsite could have a wider supply of camping articles.
The campsite staff speaks easily Portuguese (of course), Spanish, French and English. Prepare to use the Portuguese language often. In the villages around, the people of more than 30 years old normally speak Portuguese only, so a good word book is recommended.
Reception : 9
Cleanness : 5
Security : 9
Activities : 3
Services : 5
Accommod. : 4
Nature : 9

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