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minimum / average / maximumReception8 / 8 / 8Cleanness10 / 10 / 10Security10 / 10 / 10
Nature10 / 10 / 10Activities8 / 8 / 8Services9 / 9 / 9Accommodation10 / 10 / 10

michelle - 39 years old - woman - United Kingdom
 Stay : August 2012 - 4 days - added 16.09.2012
 Strengths : Quinta rural is a stunning campsite with a great vibe. It doesnt have the overly made up campsite feel yet it has everything you need! The place is amazing with incredible views, secluded and in the midst of real nature. You can hear the cows being herded in the morning. The plunge pool is incredible with views you could never imagine, the luxe tents have everything you need and arent ovely tarted up, the eco toilet and the outdoor shower(indoor also provided) make you real feel within the nature a REAL ESCAPE if thats what you want. The owner is super friendly, easy going and helpful. It was a exactly what i wanted from a camp site, it has a comunal bar/area for people to chill out drink and see the goats and dogs which hang around the camp-a take what you want and pay for it at the end policy made you feel at home. The owner cooked some great food also! The north of Portugal is stunning. A short drive from the campsite there are some beautiful waterfalls and natural parks. Wish i had stayed longer!
 Weakness : Its very difficult to find without sat nav-plus ours didnt work in the mountains! We spent a long time looking but worth the search in the end when the owner came to collect us from a nearby town! To be a bit clearer about food provided? It says meals provided for you...included? to be paid for? everyday?
Reception : 8
Cleanness : 10
Security : 10
Activities : 8
Services : 9
Accommod. : 10
Nature : 10

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